It’s been around a month the IGTV Instagram app has been out. It has undoubtedly been able to enthrall a good number of audiences towards its uniqueness. Since IGTV is an outstanding platform for bloggers, contents, and businesses as well, there have been several features of it that couldn’t be understood globally as expected.

Sharing IGTV videos in Insta Story

The great thing about IGTV until now: You can be more focused on growing your community on Instagram. All of your contents can be consumed from one place. (Thanks to Instagram!). You can start sharing the LINKS (like a link to your website) in your IGTV video caption. Plus, you can also share your IGTV video in your IG Story. Your friends/followers can just ‘swipe up’ to watch the video you’ve shared.

Steps to share IGTV videos in Insta Story

To share your IGTV videos in Insta Story, you need to:

  • Open your Instagram Story as you usually do.
  • Post a video, photo or even a screenshot of your IGTV cover.
  • At the top screen, tap on the link icon.
  • Tap the “IGTV video.”
  • After that, select the IGTV video you want to share on Insta Story.
  • At last, click Upload.

That’s it! Now share your Instagram Story with whoever you want, they will be able to swipe to see the IGTV video you have shared.

Bonus Tip: You can also add GIFs, emojis, and text to adorn or personalize your Insta Story.

All the best!

How can I share my IGTV videos in Insta Story?
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